Stress: Your Skin's Nemesis

Remember when it was possible to tune out the world if you needed to? The last six months have put us all under a constant strain, ranging from low grade to intense and this constant anxiety and stress is wreaking havoc on our physical and emotional health. 

Our bodies react to stress - our hormonal “fight or flight” response engages our nervous and endocrine systems, signaling them to release adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol to prepare us for survival. However, the impact of those hormones released in excess and over prolonged periods of time has major negative physical repercussions.

Our skin shows our stress in several ways. Stress leads to inflammation which can flare-up chronic conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and an overstimulation of sebaceous glands which leads to stress-induced breakouts. Over time, our skin’s barrier function can be disrupted, impeding its ability to heal wounds, maintain moisture and protect against microbial infection. 

Protecting your skin from the effects of stress should start with a self-care routine because our overall wellness - in whatever form that takes - is critical to keeping our bodies and minds healthy. Sleep is essential as is regular exercise and g a healthy and balanced diet. And even a minimal amount of mindfulness and meditation can have a positive impact.

Stressed-out skin also benefits from the right topical care. Creating and maintaining a skincare routine during times of stress will help to correct and preserve the skin’s normal functioning: a regular, soothing skin care ritual can contribute to our overall mental well-being.

To correct and balance the chaos reaped by prolonged stress and anxiety requires thoughtful products that mimic skin’s natural function. Clark’s Botanicals was intentionally formulated for stressed out skin and each of our products start with a highly-charged, healing base called Jasmine Catalyst Complex™ which corrects and purifies as an active and effective antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It dives deep down beyond skin’s surface to reset and soothe compromised, red, dull and dry skin.  

While we can’t ‘wellness’ the reality of our current health, political, societal or economic crises away, creating a self-care routine can go a long way in contributing to a positive outlook.  When we're feeling healthy and good about ourselves, we're better able to care for those we love.


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