Your Skin is Calling

On behalf of your skin we think you should know that it needs some attention.  It feels neglected, and has had enough of playing second fiddle to your job, your kids, your partner, your dog, Netflix... It said a few other things but we're censoring. It’s just being emo.

If you’re like us (busy) you don’t think about upping your skin care game until you realize you’re tight, chapped and maybe a little dull. Those signs are your skin’s SOS because what worked in milder temperatures and moderate humidity isn’t cutting it now.

Here’s why: Winter has us going from one moisture-sucking environment to another throughout the day. Frigid outdoor air constricts our blood vessels (meaning less moisture reaches the surface) and the dry indoor heat evaporates what moisture is left on top. Throw in the daily skin-parching hot shower and well, here we are, and we're really dry.

But knowledge is power. First, let’s start with a review of good habits. Working from the inside out, your skin needs you to be getting plenty of sleep ✓ eating the right foods ✓ and you need to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE ✓✓✓! Sorry to shout. We can hardly help ourselves. We feel strongly about your skin.

Now, the topical arsenal. You should know that all of Clark’s Botanicals products are engineered to be BOTH gentle and effective; because one does not preclude the other

For winter cleansing, two words: no suds. Our Soothing Herbal Face Wash is nourishing, non-foaming and infused with cucumber, lavender, aloe, jasmine and vitamin E to get you a moisture-infused clean that doesn't strip your skin. 

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t exfoliate. Once or twice a week, our Dual Charcoal Detox will renew your skin AND rehydrate it. It’s a detoxifying mask and exfoliator that uses two types of charcoal followed up by encapsulated Jojoba oil leave behind a non-greasy nourishment.

Your winter skin probably has you contemplating a Retinoid product to reboot your glow but this proven anti-aging ingredient - while effective in revealing radiant skin - is notoriously harsh. Enter Retinol Rescue Overnight Creme a mask that employs micro-encapsulated Retinol and Vitamin C, while Colloidal Oatmeal, and Glucosamine help counter irritation by simultaneously calming and soothing.

For many of us, the area under our eyes is the first part of our face to ‘out us’ when we’re not taking good care of ourselves. This super sensitive skin needs special care. Our Anti-Puff Eye Cream minimizes the appearance of puffy eyes and wakes up tired-looking skin with a caffeinated cocktail of vitamins, plus Hyaluronic Acid to replenish moisture, and peptides to soften lines. 

For those of us north of the Mason-Dixon (or anyone with dry skin) you need serious hydration and protection when November rolls around. Our Deep Moisture Mask is a creamy super-bomb of moisture with Jasmine, Comfrey Root, Algae and Japanese Green Tea, to deliver powerful antioxidants and revitalize and deeply hydrate dry, dull, stressed skin. It can be used as a mask or in desperate times (aka January and February), left on the skin, it’s a powerful daily barrier against the harshest conditions. 

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