They may not have capes, but these masks are superheroes!

We love DIY! There are SO many super effective face masks you can make without ever leaving your kitchen. Common foods like eggs, honey, oats, avocado and yogurt, to name a few, can naturally soothe, exfoliate, moisturize and brighten your skin.

But let’s face it, while that’s fun on a low key Sunday, we’re going to need to get right to the point on every other day of the week. We need to get up and out the door (with a radiant glow, please) and do it without all the avocado-mashing and egg yolk running down our necks. 

Clark’s Botanicals, like a potent home-made mask, relies on the power of natural ingredients. But nature is only half our story. We deploy the best of skin science to enhance the most potent botanical ingredients and super-charge their effects. It’s like a DIY mask with a super-power! Here are Clark’s mask-ed crusaders ... minus the capes.


Dual Charcoal Detox

Our Charcoal Detox mask is a fierce and efficient “I’m-running-out-the-door” and “I-need-a-fresh-glow” kind of multi-tasking mask. While you’re pulling together your outfit and answering emails, throw on this black and golden shimmery pick-me-up for a three minute re-glow. Strong yet gentle, this mask is powered by two types of Charcoal to absorb impurities; fruit extracts to exfoliate; ginger to brighten and natural, encapsulated Jojoba Oil Golden to refresh and reset. Now off you go! And don’t forget your keys. 


Deep Moisture Mask 

It’s that time of year when our skin needs a serious Plan B. Our everyday moisturizer isn’t up to the task anymore and our dry, flaking and lack-luster skin is an epi-dermal cry for help. When you’re ready to throw up the white flag, our rich, intensive Deep Moisture Mask is your super salve. It’s a potent anti-oxidant treatment with high concentrations of botanical and algae extracts, including Jasmine Absolute for deep-diving moisture plus antioxidant vitamin E to help prevent free radical damage.  

Mask Hack - those of us with super needy winter skin love this mask as a seasonal daily moisturizer. Don’t worry about rinsing this mask off: it goes on like an invisible shield, like a moisturizer, and vanishes into your skin!


Intense Radiance Mask 

Consider this mask your personal spa treatment, so lock that bathroom door and give yourself up to this self-heating, radiance in a jar. The white clay-based formula draws out impurities while algae extract nourishes and glycerin seal the deal. Powerful antioxidant White Genepi, helps combat free radicals. It’s a mask with a lot of personality - a tough blackhead shakedown but with a soft, calming and plumping disposition. All skin types need apply.  

So mask up and feel good knowing that our products are always free of parabens and sulfates, they’re gluten-free and we don’t test our products on animals. Only on ourselves. 😉

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