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Put Your Best Selfie Forward When You Travel

Put Your Best Selfie Forward When You Travel

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Your skin doesn’t, that’s who. Unless you’re under 20, you need to up your skincare game when you go away (we all do). And not just for the flight - that’s the easy part. While it’s important to take hydrating measures whenever you step on a plane, it’s the vacation itself that can make for some less-than-flattering selfies. 

Here’s what we’ve got going on when we travel. Lack of sleep: whether it’s because you’re jet-lagged or a sensitive sleeper (and need your own bed for your solid forty winks) or just enjoying your vacation into the wee hours each night, the almost-inevitable disruption in your sleep schedule will wreak havoc on your mug. Additionally, rapid changes in climate and altitude can have drastically drying effects. And finally, a major change in diet (hopefully not for the better!) and added alcohol (all those delicious frozen cocktails by the pool!) are going to show up on your face. Or it does on ours, anyway. Dry + dull + puffy do not a good photo make. 

But don’t misunderstand. We are in NO WAY suggesting that you should hold back on any indulgences, we just want you to be ready to combat them! So pack your swimsuits, sunscreen, a great book, and the following Clark’s Botanicals travel-proofing (and fail-proof) products for a hydrated, fresh, and glowing you, whether you are on the slopes, the beach, or whatever exotic destination is calling you.

To combat that evil nemesis of skin - the flight - or if you are mountain-bound or hitting someplace that’s dry enough to grow cacti, Deep Moisture Mask is your super salve. It’s a potent antioxidant treatment with high concentrations of botanical and algae extracts, including Jasmine Absolute for deep-diving moisture plus antioxidant vitamin E to help prevent free radical damage. Or for those of you heading to more humid destinations, hydrate with our signature moisturizer to give your travel-weary skin a boost of energy, luminosity, and hydration that makes its point with a tingly feeling that tells you it's working! Our Smoothing Marine Cream uses supercharged Jasmine integrated with yeast, algae, and coffee extracts to refresh and naturally balance and calm skin. 

We developed our products to be super-efficient and multi-tasking so that you won’t have to spend valuable vacation time pampering your skin. We’ll get you out your hotel room door and onto a hammock (or ski lift or sailboat or rickshaw … ) before you can say, “Lobby, please.”

Our Dual Charcoal Detox mask is a fierce and efficient grab-some-glow-to-go kind of multi-tasking mask. While ordering up room service breakfast, smoothe on this black and golden shimmery pick-me-up for a three minute re-glow. Strong yet gentle, this mask is powered by two types of charcoal to absorb impurities, fruit extracts to exfoliate, ginger to brighten and natural, encapsulated Jojoba Oil Golden to refresh and reset. Now off you go! Don’t forget your book. 

After a night that almost ended with the sunrise, you’ll want to reimburse your skin for your abuses with the rejuvenating benefits of Retinol. Our Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream is a unique take on Retinol - the golden ingredient in skincare - and an award-winning treatment to give you the amazing skin-brightening benefits without the harshness of most Retinol products. It packs a potent, encapsulated and time-released Retinol (for a slower absorption) and teams it with calming colloidal oatmeal that makes it gentle enough to use every day. 

And because you should not have to look like you closed down the lobby bar last night, do not leave home without our Anti-Puff Eye Cream! The skin around your eyes is not going to lie for you about your late night antics so if you want to take off those sunglasses at lunch, this is like a shot of espresso to that sensitive skin beneath your lashes. It’s a caffeinated cocktail of vitamins plus Hyaluronic Acid to replenish moisture and peptides to soften lines. Did someone say cocktail?

Of course, you may not want to lug around twenty pounds of product in your luggage, so we have a practical solution for that! Our CB Sample Kit includes travel-friendly sizes of our Smoothing Marine Cream, Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream, Deep Moisture Mask and Anti-Puff Eye Cream. Or the CB To Go Kit includes all of these plus our Ultra Rich Lip Tint to condition and hydrate your lips with a pop of color. Vacations are for kissing, after all.

Happy Travels!

  • Dec 13, 2019
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