Face masks are here to stay for a while, as are the skin issues caused by them. Enter our nomination for the top 2020 skincare problem, “maskne” (or “mascne” - the jury’s still out on spelling). It’s the portmanteau used to describe the perfect storm of skin disasters happening beneath our masks. And to make matters worse, summer weather is creating steamy little swamps on our faces and we’re starting to see some serious flare-ups. 

Maskne is happening for a couple of reasons. The friction from the mask is causing skin barrier disruption, irritation and inflammation. Adjust, readjust, lift a little to talk (because who can understand anyone anymore under a mask?) Readjust. 

Masks also trap dirt, oils and sweat on skin. The added heat and humidity in there is creating a moisture change in your skin’s environment, exacerbating the problem and leading to congestion and excessive oil retention. Furthermore, while the cloth masks can absorb the skin’s natural oils, this can cause the skin to compensate and over-produce those oils. So, more imbalance. This is a calamity of skin challenges... as if we didn’t have enough on our minds right now. So, what to do? 

A couple of simple things can help, the most obvious being, give your skin as much opportunity to breathe as possible. Wear your mask when necessary, of course, but only when necessary. And whenever possible, lighten up on the makeup: less is more, and more or less critical to keeping your skin clear. Regular cleansing is key - this is definitely not the time to skimp on your routine. And finally, use products designed to naturally rebalance your skin.

Clark’s Botanicals was originally created to treat the compromised, stressed and sensitive skin of CB founder, Francesco Clark, when an accident damaged his spinal cord and impeded his ability to sweat, causing a skin condition similar to the ones we’re experiencing under our masks. Our skincare helps to scientifically support and naturally mimic skin’s normal functions. Each product starts with a highly concentrated, proprietary base of active botanicals and enzymes called Jasmine Catalyst Complex™. With jasmine at the core, it is a potent, natural anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent used to protect, regulate and calm the skin. 

DEEP CLEANING | Your regular cleansing is not likely to be enough to combat the current mask-tastrophe: you need a deeper detox. Two types of charcoal collaborate to get deep into pores in our Dual Charcoal Detox. Binchotan Japanese charcoal absorbs impurities and oils without stripping while activated charcoal powder gently exfoliates. Concentrated botanical extracts - mango, pineapple, papaya and ginger - loosen dead skin cells for a natural brightening while jasmine and tamarind extracts help to soothe and rebalance skin. Padina Pavonica algae helps protect against environmental pollutants. The lightest touch of encapsulated jojoba melts upon application and helps to soften skin without clogging pores. The result is a refreshed and deep - not parched - clean.

LIGHTWEIGHT | This is the time for light and targeted serums.
Our Nourishing Youth Serum is highly concentrated and features vitamin C to help correct the effects of stressed skin and protect against free radicals. 

UNOBSTRUCTIVE MOISTURE | Our signature moisturizer is also a natural exfoliant. Smoothing Marine Cream aids in the natural skin repair process with the use of dehydrated algae microspheres to hydrate and a natural 5% sugar-derived glycolic acid to exfoliate. Glucosamine HCL helps protect against free radicals. Yeast and coffee extract help to soothe, calm and nourish skin.

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