Why You Need More Than The Average Charcoal Mask

Charcoal, to most people, is what you light in your grill at a BBQ. So it seems counter intuitive to think that its cousin, activated charcoal, has been relied upon since ancient times to treat a wide array of medical conditions. Used  topically, activated charcoal is a time-tested natural ingredient and a skincare hero. 

What exactly is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is what is created when charcoal is treated with oxygen at very high temperatures. This exposure makes it extremely porous and super absorbent. This process makes activated charcoal work like a magnet, trapping toxins and chemicals without being absorbed by the body.

Activated charcoal has a wide scope of uses.

It’s been used as an emergency anti-poison treatment since the early 1800s because it can bind to a wide variety of drugs, reducing their effects. In pill form activated charcoal is thought to alleviate indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and morning sickness. It fights bacterial and viral infections and can even cure hangovers.

It’s used for water filtration by removing contaminants and microorganisms without affecting the water’s pH or taste. 

And how does activated work on skin? 

Activated charcoal works in skincare the same way it does elsewhere. Is absorbs and removes impurities, toxins and oils and washes clean away when rinsed. Activated charcoal isn’t absorbed or metabolized by your skin and can absorb many multiple times its own mass. 

However, while activated charcoal in facial cleansers are amazing skin purifiers, they also tend to dry out the skin and can cause redness and sensitivity.

Enter Dual Charcoal Detox


A multitasking mask and cleanser, what separates Dual Charcoal Detox from other charcoal facial products is that it is formulated to also nourish, brighten and restore moisture. After two types of charcoal - Japanese Binchotan and activated charcoal - absorb impurities, a garden of fruit extracts help exfoliate, ginger extract brightens, and Jasmine and tamarind extracts soothe and rebalance skin.  

This gentle giant also incorporates hydrating and nourishing marine algae and an encapsulated (non-greasy) jojoba oil that melts on application and softens skin.

Our complex and unique formula means it is safe for all skin types and gentle enough to use multiple times a week.

We love an overachiever, don’t you?

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