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Article: Travel-Proofing Your Skin

Travel-Proofing Your Skin
Your Best Skin

Travel-Proofing Your Skin

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Your skin doesn’t, that’s who. 

Here’s what we’ve got going on when we travel. Lack of sleep: whether it’s because you’re jet-lagged or a sensitive sleeper (and need your own bed for your solid forty winks) or just enjoying your vacation into the wee hours each night, the almost-inevitable disruption in your sleep schedule will wreak havoc and cause puffiness. Rapid changes in climate and altitude can have drastically drying and dulling effects on skin. And finally, a major change in diet (generally not for the better) and added alcohol are going to show up on your face. And dry + dull + puffy do not, a good selfie make. 

But we are in NO WAY suggesting that you should hold back on any indulgences - it's exactly what vacations are for. We just want you to be ready to combat them! 

Our products are thoughtfully formulated to be multi-correcting so that you keep your skin healthy and photo-ready without spending valuable vacation time on complex routines. We’ll get you out of your hotel room door and into a hammock (or sailboat or hiking boots … ) before you can say, “Lobby, please.”

Practically made for vacations, Jasmine Vital Cream is an oil-free lightweight gel-cream that does double duty as a correcting serum and lightweight moisturizer. Concentrated and targeted, Jasmine, red algae, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Arnica Montana work together to counter the effects of travel stressors and correct for indulgences, keeping skin calm, nourished and radiant. If your room has a fridge, a chilled Jasmine Vital Cream helps correct redness from over-exposure to UV rays. 

To combat that nemesis of skin - the flight - or if you are high-altitude-bound or hitting someplace that’s dry enough to grow cacti, Deep Moisture Mask is your ultra-hydrating skin-saver. It’s a deep-diving and nourishing treatment with high concentrations of botanical and algae extracts for intense moisture plus vitamin E and Japanese green tea to help protect against free radical damage. Jasmine and comfrey root help rebalance, soothe and soften skin. 

It takes two types of charcoal to get deep enough to absorb a days’-worth of pore-clogging sunscreen, sweat and oils. Dual Charcoal Detox uses Binchotan Japanese charcoal to absorb impurities without stripping, while activated charcoal powder gently exfoliates. Mango, pineapple, papaya and ginger extracts loosen dead skin cells for a natural brightening while jasmine and tamarind help to soothe and rebalance skin. The lightest touch of encapsulated jojoba oil melts upon application and helps to soften skin without clogging pores. The result is a deep - not parched - clean.

After a night that almost ended with the sunrise, you’ll want to reimburse your skin for being a good sport with the rejuvenating benefits of Retinol. Our Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream is clinically proven to provide the amazing skin-brightening benefits without the harshness associated with most Retinol products. Encapsulated and time-released Retinol (for a slower absorption) is teamed with calming colloidal oatmeal that makes it gentle enough to use every day. 

And because you should not have to look like you closed down the lobby bar last night (even if you did!) don't leave home without our Anti-Puff Eye Cream! The skin around your eyes is not going to lie for you about your late night antics so if you want to take off those sunglasses at lunch, this caffeinated cocktail of vitamins plus Hyaluronic Acid and peptides de-puff, hydrate and helps to soften fine lines. Did someone say cocktail?

Happy Travels!

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