The Benefits of Retinol and why Vogue Loves Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream

Why retinol? Any derm will tell you that Retinol is one of the most effective ingredients in skincare, boosting collagen and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to reverse the effects of the sun, the environment, stress … and yes, aging. 

But … this darling of skincare can be a beast; its potency comes at the price of obvious redness and irritation for most who use it. 

We’re on it at Clark’s Botanicals. We harness retinol's exfoliating amazing potency while teaming it up with calming botanicals to mitigate its harshness while moisturizing, soothing and brightening our skin. 

Recently named by Vogue among one of the "best retinol serums and creams that will transform your skin," Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream uses a high-potency retinol along with a micro-encapsulated, time-released form that increases the potency and efficacy of this topical time machine. It’s only released when rubbed into the skin, thereby keeping the retinol fresh and potent up until the moment it’s applied.  

Clark’s Botanicals is a brand that is very sensitive about sensitive skin and so partnering retinol with colloidal oatmeal ensures a slower absorption to deliver a brighter, more even skin tone. Adding jasmine, integrated with Glucosamine HCL, Algae, and Yeast extracts to help calm regulate your skin. Vitamin E helps fight free radicals, and micro-encapsulated Vitamin C brightens skin over time. Vogue editors praises it for minimizing the look of large pores. "If your pores are enlarged, red clover will counteract this issue, while jasmine protects the skin’s barrier."

So sweet dreams and brighten up, friends!

Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream can be paired with Smoothing Marine Cream, Jasmine Vital Cream and Deep Moisture Mask

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