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Thriving After Surviving

We have some exciting news! Wednesday, June 2nd at 10:00 a.m. ET, Clark’s Botanicals founder and CEO, Francesco Clark, will be appearing on the Tamron Hall Show. Tamron will be interviewing him for a series about resilience after tragedy.

As some of you may know, the story of our brand is also the story of Francesco’s personal tragedy. In 2002 a diving accident left him paralyzed, with a damaged central nervous system and a compromised skin system that was congested, inflamed and aging prematurely.

Over the ensuing years, he worked hard to heal and strengthen his body but his skin remained dysfunctional - a perfect storm of ongoing ailments. In an effort to look as strong and as healthy as he was finally beginning to feel, he went to work to try to repair and rejuvenate his challenging skin. Over time he experimented with everything, from drug store staples to the most expensive department store creams and eventually, prescription products, but nothing worked. 

Finding himself at the end of available options, he became determined to create his own solution and recruited his father - a medical doctor and homeopath - for help. Together they embarked on a journey, researching, procuring and formulating to compound botanicals with skincare science in a way that would support his natural skin functions. After five years, they were rewarded; a formulation featuring the jasmine flower was the key. They created a complex featuring this potent anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and over the course of 78 formulations, successfully integrated it into a cream that would clarify, exfoliate and hydrate his very reactive skin. And so, Smoothing Marine Cream and ultimately, Clark’s Botanicals was born. Today, Jasmine Catalyst Complex™ remains the base from which every Clark’s Botanicals product is made.

“I didn’t set out that first day to start a skincare line, but here I am. I am deeply proud of the product we make and the mission we stand by. Clean, innovative and clinically proven, the Clark’s Botanicals brand has a legacy of resilience and a commitment to empowerment: our goal is to help you look as radiant as you feel.”

We hope that you will tune in to watch Francesco describe his incredible journey with Emmy award-winner, Tamron Hall. It’s a story that inspires us at Clark’s Botanicals every day. 

Other guests on the show will include Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson and blogger and author, Samantha Busch.

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