Clean Hands, Clear Mind

Having absorbed the initial shock of the reality of our current global plight, the team at Clark’s Botanicals brainstormed (by video conference, of course) practical ways that we as a company could help the community at large get through this crisis safely and calmly. We quickly realized that the nature of our product provided an opportunity and although our contribution is small, we feel empowered to be contributing in a positive way.

After conferring with our production team and re-prioritizing our initiatives, we are excited to announce that we have pivoted and redirected 100% of our short-term production from skin care to hand sanitizer, in an effort to help satisfy the massive and unmet demand, stem contagion and spread some peace of mind. As we’ve all been told, while thorough hand washing is still the best way to minimize contagion, when water isn’t available, hand sanitizer is the next best thing. 

We are giving away a bottle of hand sanitizer with every purchase of Clark’s Botanicals full-size product and offering it for sale on our website at cost. Please note that this is not for profit: our cost is your price. Also, you should know that the reason that our hand sanitizer is more expensive than the common brands (like Purell) is because we are so much smaller and our cost to manufacture, package, warehouse and ship the product is higher than that of a larger company. Finally, in order to produce as quickly as possible and to keep costs at a minimum, there are no ingredients other than what is absolutely necessary (no fragrances, moisturizers, etc.).

Our hand sanitizer has a 71% alcohol content, higher than the 60% minimum and will kill 99.9% of germs. Carry it with you to use when you are out in public and cannot immediately wash your hands (but keep in mind that it is not meant to be a substitute for hand washing).

We at Clark’s Botanicals are determined to stay positive and to do all that we can to help one another and build community during this time of social distancing. We hope that you will also find some way - no matter how small it may seem - to support the greater good and to share the burden of responsibility for eradicating this virus. We invite you to share your ideas and efforts to spread calm and share support on social media using the hashtag #CleanHandsClearMind. We can no longer share physical contact but if we are calm and compassionate, we can always share grace.

Let love be the light that gets us through this. We are one world. 

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