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How to Use

Apply product from lightest to heaviest; Jasmine Vital Cream, Smoothing Marine Cream and Deep Moisture Mask (if leaving on as an intensive moisturizer). Apply Deep Moisture Mask generously to clean face and neck. After 20 minutes, rinse or wipe off. For deeper hydration, apply a thin layer overnight. For dry skin, apply a thin layer as a daytime moisturizer. Follow with SPF. 

Note: The Glycolic Acid in Smoothing Marine Cream will make your skin tingle. We recommend a patch test, if your skin is particularly sensitive. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Pro Tip: This cult favorite has been adopted by makeup artists, celebrities, and brides-to-be as the perfect day-before prep for an important skin debut. Apply product to the back of your hands, as they’re often the ‘age giveaway’ we forget about.