our story

a Catalyst for Change

A diving accident leaves founder Francesco Clark paralyzed, permanently impacting his skin. The resulting chronic, acute dermatitis, imparted a complexion that looked ten years older. When even steroids and antibiotics stopped working, he turned to his father, a physician trained in homeopathy, to find a solution.

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our star, jasmine

Clark’s Botanicals is born

Five years and 78 iterations later, Francesco and his father create Jasmine Catalyst Complex, based on the healing properties of the Jasmine plant that corrects and rejuvenates Francesco’s skin. With the creation of Smoothing Marine Cream, Clark’s Botanicals is born.

Our Growth

Home Grown Beauty

Clark’s Botanicals grows with support from Michelle Obama, features on CBS with Gayle King, CNN with Sanjay Gupta. Our products receive multiple awards from Oprah, Allure, Byrdie, Refinery29, Martha Stewart, Wallpaper Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, and Glamour.

our rebirth

Innovating Better Results + Cleaner + Greener

We reformulated all of our cult-favorite products to be even more effective and clean, focusing on sustainable packaging.

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