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Article: What Makes Our Botanicals So Radical?

What Makes Our Botanicals So Radical?

What Makes Our Botanicals So Radical?

When Francesco Clark started this company, it was with a curiosity and a drive to push every ingredient in Clark’s Botanicals products past their perceived limits in order to unlock your skin’s potential from the outside in. It mirrored everything he had done in his life since a spinal cord injury changed the direction of his life.

Our products are developed with a unique method of taking powerful botanicals and applying the principles of supercharged homeopathy harmonized with traditional integrated medicine. In doing so, we have harnessed the natural power of these ingredients and transformed them into effective skincare products that deliver real results.

And it all began with Jasmine Absolute. Over the course of five years and 78 formulations, Francesco and his father, Dr. Harold Clark, created this proprietary blend of essential oils and extracts from the Jasmine flower that serves as the foundation of each and every Clark’s Botanicals product. When you combine it with other active ingredients, its soothing properties are exponentially enhanced.

But it’s not just the Jasmine Absolute that has skincare superpowers. Francesco says, “I start with plants, but work with the chemists to push them past their earthly limits. That’s why I say our products are radically botanical.” 

There’s the time-released retinol (two types!) plus Colloidal Oatmeal Flour in our newest products—Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream and Retinol Rescue Eye Serum—which combines the effects of this natural anti-irritant in a new, innovative, encapsulated formula allows for longer-lasting results and better efficacy. Our retinols are much more stable than any others on the market and work for 12 hours upon application. 

Or the Uttwiler Spätlauber Swiss Apple Stem Cells found in Cellular Lifting Mist and Cellular Lifting Serum. CB was the first to incorporate this ingredient and the first line to show that it can help reverse visible signs of Rosacea. The stem cells also combat the signs of chronological aging by protecting the longevity of skin stem cells, delaying the deterioration of essential cells. 

Just know that every product we launch will be working past its known limits for you and your skin. That’s been part of Francesco’s mission ever since he launched the line against all odds: “We defeated defeat. We did the unthinkable. And that’s what I want the products to do for you.”

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