Mask-Fashion, A Spotters Guide

If someone told you six months ago that face masks would be the hottest accessory, you would have thought they were bonkers. And …. here we are. Everyone’s making them and they run the gamut from utilitarian to designer and everything in between. Bottom line, nobody should have just one and everyone’s should match - match what, though? Maybe you match your shirt, your eyes, political preference, college, mood, faith, country, TV show  … we’re not sure. But you should know that if you can imagine it, someone has probably already made a mask for it.

Etsy is a rabbit hole of mask options (of everything, really) and if you step in, prepare to set aside some serious time. Just a few we liked ...

Yoda better stay six feet



And Trekkies, Look No Further

Creepy mouth masks are a big no-no in our book. There’s no reason to up the scary factor in a world that is giving us plenty to be scared of right now, right?

Merry a mask, a meth mouth makes?

Vogue, of course, curates a fashionista’s dream of mask options.


From sexy

to ingenue 

and for flaunting your personal style

 New York magazine’s The Strategist rounds up a thoughtful selection.


From utilitarian





 To mermaid

To Golden Girls

All with just the right cool 


And for all of your mask fantasies (do you have mask fantasies?) Pinterest shows us that society has wasted no time in getting weird with our new facial necessity.

And we wonder if sartorial masks will be a thing soon highlights the most creative masks of the spring from all around the world and we especially liked this recycler's fantasy.

Marcio Rodrigues used recyclables in his design.

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