Dew or Dare: Post-Pool Skincare

Every summer, we’re reminded of the ongoing love-hate relationship we have with chlorine. Because while it (of course) keeps our pools from becoming big petri dishes, that comes at a price to our skin, opening up our pores, stripping our natural oils, parching our skin and leaving it feeling tight, kiln-dried, itchy and sometimes even irritated. We don’t mean to sound unappreciative but seriously, it’s a lot.

But it Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

 Before a few rigorous laps or a rousing game of Marco Polo, you should rinse off with fresh water: dedicated swimmers know this trick. Skin absorbs what it comes into contact with like a sponge, so if you saturate your skin just before diving in, there’s less opportunity for chlorinated water to infiltrate your pores. This helps your hair as well.

Sunscreen, while not necessarily particularly effective in counteracting the negative effects of chlorine, will protect you from sun exposure, which can be made worse while swimming. Best not to add a sunburn to your chlorinated epidermal duress.

After your frolic and before you park yourself in a lounge chair, slip back under the shower to rinse from top to toe to ensure your skin doesn't suffer prolonged contact with chlorine. Your friends at the pool might think you’re high-maintenance, but you can blame us, your bossy skincare brand. This is the stuff that keeps us up at night. 

Your post-pool, pre-soiree cleansing product should be gentle, nourishing and clean; the last thing your skin needs is more harsh chemicals. Lavender, aloe and vitamin E are among the soothing ingredients that make up Soothing Herbal Face Wash. And the best time to apply skincare products is immediately after you step out of the shower (or bath) when your skin is saturated and your pores are open. A rich moisturizer like Deep Moisture Mask and a targeted under eye treatment like Anti-Puff Eye Cream (for where your skin is thinnest and most vulnerable) will replenish your skin and return it to deeply dewey from desperately dehydrated.  

If you discover you were over-exposed while frolicing in the sun, keep our Jasmine Vital Cream in the fridge for a cooling, anti-redness spot treatment; it uses red algae to moisturize and niacinamide to reduce inflammation.

A few times a week a gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing mask will help with oil and product buildup and keep summer breakouts at bay. Dual Charcoal Detox incorporates Jojoba beads which melt into skin on contact, creating a light moisturizing follow-up to the two types of pore-clearing charcoal, for a deep clean that’s nourished and not parched.

And what kind of skin-obsessed (and bossy) skincare brand would we be if we didn’t harp on the need to drink lots of water, every day. This is one of the best ways to help keep your skin hydrated and working effectively.

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