Blending Over Backwards For You

Time is precious and we don’t know about you but we don’t have a lot to spare. We like to keep our morning beauty routine minimal yet effective: in short, short and sweet. Instead of layering products - and waiting for each to dry - we have a few get-to-the-point hybrid blends: strategic shortcuts that will get you glowing in shorter time without shortchanging you on efficacious results. Here's the long and ... short of it.

Each of our blends start with Nourishing Youth Serum, our antioxidant cocktail, because everyone can benefit from the preventative powers of antioxidants. Packed with essential vitamins and amino acids plus comfrey root, algae and green tea, it goes to work to fortify your skin against the main culprits when it comes to free radical damage; pollution, UV exposure, stress, alcohol … so yeah, life.

#1 Mingle | For an Anti-Dullness Blend

Nourishing Youth Serum + Jasmine Cream marries the regenerating effects of vitamins C + E with the brightening and pore-minimizing power of Niacinamide; the anti-inflammatory benefits of Arnica Montana; the healing properties of Jasmine; and the moisture-retention and skin renewal of red algae. 

#2 Merge | For an Anti-Wrinkle Blend

Nourishing Youth Serum + Jasmine Cream whips up a moisturizing defense against the major skin stressors while a sugar-derived Glycolic acid (5%) gently smoothes skin and softens the appearance of fine lines; a plant-derived Atelocollagen helps firm skin; and Glucosamine HCL provides another layer of defense against free radicals.

#3 MIx | For an Anti-Dryness Blend

Nourishing Youth Serum + Deep Moisture Mask swirls up a creamy, deep-diving age-defyer when you combine our antioxidant boost with high concentrations of vitamin E plus botanical and algae extracts for an intense hydration that softens lines and instantly revitalizes and replenishes dry, dull, stressed skin. 

So cap’s off to a lot of great blending! 

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